AI and Data Science are quickly becoming prerequisites for nearly every degree program. This is introducing new challenges in curriculum and requires access to the right technology to properly prepare students.

NVIDIA as the GPU Deep Learning platform (tools, technology, and partnerships) are very essential in higher education. In order to meet today’s industry demands from top AI researchers and data scientists, the NVIDIA AI platform and solutions arm IT departments, professors, researchers, and students with the most powerful tools available, from AI systems to classroom-ready teaching materials. Partnering with NVIDIA to deploy state-of-the-art GPUs for the highest computational performance helps you gain a significant advantage in this fast-moving competitive landscape.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to make a strong showing on these Emerging Jobs lists, which is no surprise.
Many jobs have risen up as a result of AI in fields like cyber security and data science. Since it’s so pervasive, many roles may demand more knowledge of AI than you may think.

Top 20 Emerging Jobs 2020

In Indonesia, there are already many companies that use data scientists to process big data, such as Tokopedia, Go-jek, Traveloka, OVO, Bukalapak, Astra, BCA and others.
AI Expert and Data Scientist profession will be more popular in Indonesia in the coming years. Now this is the right time for the universities and any higher education institutions to provide its best graduates to meet this demand.

What you need to know:

AI is breaking out of its niche status and is increasingly found across industries.

McKinsey has predicted AI will add some US$16 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

It’s unsurprising that Indonesia has declared it a key strategic technology as part of the Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap.

The Impact of AI

AI Center of Excellence

Leading institutes are increasingly tackling real-world challenges using AI. And the trend is not limited to those schools traditionally focused on computer science; business-oriented schools are also recognizing the benefits AI can bring.
Equipped with the latest AI technologies, the AI Center commits to conduct excellent AI research, advancing the state-of-the-art and shaping the national AI strategies. The AI Center develops innovative products, systems, and services with AI as the core component. The AI Center focuses on unleashing the full potential of AI as end-to-end products to improve various aspects of human lives.

A. Research and Labs
From an organization perspective, the AI Center is not just another research lab, but rather, it is a hub of activities where researchers from various research labs at universities.

B) Collaboration between Education, Industry and Government.
From an organization perspective, the AI Center is not just another research lab, but rather, it is a hub of activities where researchers from various research labs at universities.
can work together among themselves as well as external partners to solve real-life problems using AI approaches. Close collaboration between the expertise of researchers in AI and the application domain know-how from industries and or government. Through this collaboration, the AI Center focuses on theoretical foundations as well as useful applications of AI technologies, taking into account both product and human-aspect of AI.

C. The AI Center can play a role in increasing public awareness about AI.
This is done through formal scientific publication in journals and conferences, promotion of its products, special events, as well as student and public AI-themed competitions.

Acquiring and Building Talent with AI – Curriculum

One of the most critical factors in successfully building an AI curriculum is building talent. It is no secret that leading-edge AI engineers and data scientists (statisticians) are difficult to hire-even in Silicon Valley.
AI is increasingly used in education and learning contexts. The collision of three areas – data, computation and education – is set to have far-reaching consequences, raising fundamental questions about the nature of education: what is taught and how it is taught.
The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has exacerbated the need to have these conversations. Its impact on education and the multiple possibilities that it offers are putting pressure on educational leaders to reformulate the school curriculum and the channels to deliver it.

Benefits for Labs, Researchers and-Students

NVIDIA has forged close relationships with many of the world’s most respected universities and research institutions. NVIDIA Research, our academic partnership arm, explores challenging topics on the frontiers of visual, parallel and mobile computing and extends essential support to research projects.
The linkages between NVIDIA and academia allow us to collaborate with leading researchers, attract top talent through our internship and new graduate hiring programs, and continue to build connections with professors and research facilities that are working to solve the world’s most complex scientific challenges.



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